No Speak Engrish

At Blondie’s Diner, one of the Angel’s Landing conquerors takes a sip from my root beer — and then another.

"Is it licorice?" she asks me.

"No. You’ve never had root beer before?"

"We don’t have this back home. What’s the flavor?"

"It’s a plant. Sassafras…or maybe it’s sarsaparilla. Anyway, you make it from the roots."

I order a root beer float and slide it in front of her.

"Um, I’m sorry, but that looks really disgusting."

"Just try it. You might like it."

She holds up a spoonful. “Really — I mean, this does not look appetizing at all.”

We wait and wait and wait until the conquistadora finally caves.

Mmmmm.” Her eyes perk up. “That’s all it is? Root beer and ice cream? So I can make this at home?”